First Team Executives

Cameron Merage

CEO & Founder, First Team Real Estate

Cameron MerageCameron Merage's front–line experiences as a top agent perfected his precise skills, nurtured his unrivaled understanding of consumers' needs and gained him the professional resources necessary for success in the real estate industry. Early in his career, Mr. Merage personally completed hundreds of transactions involving millions of dollars of sales volume during his five years in home sales. He parlayed his hands–on experience into a long–term strategic vision for First Team, based on an unwavering commitment to client service, value creation and unmatched knowledge of the local market.

Following his graduation with a B.S. degree in Business and Marketing from Sacramento State University, Mr. Merage began his career in 1971 in Newport Beach, California, and consistently achieved top sales records with a leading real estate corporation. An innovator by nature, he founded First Team® Real Estate in 1976 and rapidly established his reputation as one of the top–producing real estate professionals in Southern California.

The Merage family is a philanthropic pillar of Orange County, with a long history of diverse humanitarian, academic and cultural giving that has left an indelible mark on the community. Cameron Merage has remained true to his philanthropic roots, founding and personally overseeing "First in Our Hearts," a charitable foundation that, he explained, "exists to build on and focus First Team Real Estate's long tradition of working to make life better in the communities we serve."

A brilliant entrepreneur, Mr. Merage enjoys meeting the new challenges that arise in a constantly evolving real estate industry. His passion for harnessing innovation and creativity have helped to increase the First Team market share and position his company at the top of its industry.

Michael Mahon


Michael MahonWith more than 26 years of comprehensive real estate experience—spanning the residential and commercial sectors to include brokerage services, coaching, new construction, property management, franchising, auditing, financial management, mortgage, and escrow services—Michael Mahon is a seasoned expert in virtually every facet of the business. While the depth of his expertise places him in an elite tier of professionals worldwide, it’s his capability as a leader that renders him an invaluable asset as President of First Team Real Estate. As one of the industry’s most respected voices, Michael is as renowned for his abilities with regard to cultural development, as he is for driving the growth of top real estate associate careers, and in providing maximized opportunities to all involved in the organization. A nationally recognized speaker who has covered a variety of pertinent topics ranging from the future direction of the markets to customer service expectations, Michael has also been quoted in many national real estate trade publications.

Michael’s philosophy on the real estate industry is simple: “You win with people.” Working with the mentality that relationships are the driving force behind every successful real estate brokerage in the industry, he’s honored to support the current 1735 sales associates representing First Team Real Estate in making a difference for customers throughout the markets of California. At the helm of the 16th largest volume brokerage in the United States, with a sales volume totaling $5,518,710,944, servicing 9074 transactions, Michael is focused on cultivating personal growth within the First Team Organization, ensuring even higher levels of success for the future.

Gary Fabian

Chief Financial Officer

Gary FabianWith 30 years of experience as a senior-level executive in the finance industry, having driven the success of a number of prominent organizations over the course of his career, Gary brings to First Team Real Estate a highly strategic skill set in addition to a proven track record for success.

Most recently, he served for four years as Chief Financial Officer at Stearns Lending—the nation’s 13th largest mortgage lender—where he led the finance team that facilitated profitable growth, to the tune of over 300% in increased loan volume. Prior, he held similar positions at Met Life Home Loans, Bank of America/Countrywide Home Loans, Redwood Credit Union, North American Mortgage Company, and Capital Management Associates.

A Certified Public Accountant (inactive) who is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, Gary attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Terry LeClair

Senior Vice President, Sales

Terry LeClairTerry LeClair is the Senior Vice President of First Team Real Estate and is responsible for the leadership and management of one of the best management and sales teams in the industry throughout North America. Terry firmly believes in the First Team corporate mission: "We empower our sales associates to drive unmatched value and results to the consumer, thereby making them the number one Realtor of choice." As a leader Terry believes that it is critical to lead by example and to empower his team members to believe that success is defined as 'the progressive realization of a predetermined goal'.

Terry is committed to the First Team main value proposition "Our commitment is to help you create and grow your business systematically and measurably all the while improving your quality of life." First Team Real Estate celebrates its 40th year in 2016. It is the 11th ranked real estate company in the country in total sales for 2014 and has led sales in SoCal for decades. First Team has over 1,600 agents and almost 400 employees across 30 offices and many supporting mortgage, escrow and title offices.

Lori Namazi

Broker of Record and Vice President, Administrative Services

Lori NamaziAs Broker of Record and Vice President of Administrative Services, Lori is responsible for all aspects of BRE Compliance and our Risk Management Programs to ensure that our clients, our agents and the company are always protected. Additionally, she leads several teams within the Branch Offices and at the Home Office, providing operational guidance companywide, including leadership, policy and procedure advisement, as well as compliance oversight. She is very active in local and state real estate organizations and represents the company both within the industry and publicly through these involvements.

Lori's background includes 19 years of overall management experience, having spent the most recent 14 years of her career with First Team. She joined First Team as a brand-new agent and then transitioned into branch office staff positions. Her desire for growth and contribution provided the path for her advancement to the Home Office to train and manage multiple departments, overseeing much of the company’s operations and ultimately being appointed the Broker of Record designation. Lori consistently leads by example and focuses her management through trust and empowerment of personnel to provide consistently superior service to both our internal and external customers at all times.

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